There’s a hidden problem inside every trader that will sabotage success – every time.
Discover the illogical and over-looked trading secret that has helped 7 and 8 figure traders sky rocket their account.

Hard Truth: In trading, winners keep winning and losers keep losing.

The winners have discovered the secret side of trading that most people just don’t understand. The losers are unwilling to learn anything more and are stuck in a rinse and repeat pattern. 

The truth is, the winners have been shown that trading is as much about understanding their emotions as it is using their logical brain.

And, with specialized Trader Emotional Intelligence training, they have said goodbye to inconsistent trading, mediocre results, and repeating mistakes. 

Having a higher Trader Emotional Intelligence will
  • Kill your inner gremlins that sabotage your daily trading.
  • Cure you of the Fear Of Missing Out and market-induced greed.
  • End the “one step forward, two steps back” trading pattern.
  • Silence the inner voice of doom so you can focus on logical, consistent, and focused trading.

The key is to increase your Trader Emotional Intelligence and make sure your EQ is as high as your IQ and…

…Kim Ann Curtin’s Trading EQ Course is the best next step.

Kim Ann Curtin’s Trading EQ is not “just another course on trading”. This is a proven mindset coaching series that focuses on one thing and one thing only:

Trader Emotional Intelligence: The ability to see the market neutrally, recognize traps in your psyche, and become completely unfazed by the volatility of trading. 

This 4 part training series will walk you through the 4 key EQ stages.
  • You will first gain critical understanding around the mindset of winning traders (Kim has worked with hundreds of them thus far).
  • You will then move into resilience training where you will develop incredible discipline.
  • ​Next comes insights into your self-sabotage habits and how your emotional state sacrifices your success.
  • ​Finally, we will end with your Universal Needs and how your unmet needs are lurking behind your poor decisions throughout the trading day.
** DISCLAIMER: This course is *only* for traders who understand how valuable their mindset is.
If mindset is the last thing on your priority list and you do not see your mindset as a valuable trading asset - please do not buy this course.
Matthew Monaco
“Trading EQ was able to take me out of the craziness of trading, assess myself & my trading from a deeper perspective and provided all of the tools needed to refine the biggest edge I have.. Me! Investing is 80% emotional control, 20% skill. Kim teaches you step by step how to maximise your 80% to become the most well equipped trader in the market! HIGHLY Recommend!"
Tyler Jordan, Equities Trader & Entrepreneur
Matthew Monaco
“Since I started working with Kim, I’ve had my highest profit month (double my previous best).”
Matthew Monaco, Equities Trader & TWIST Podcast Host

Meet Your Trader Emotional Intelligence Mentor Kim Ann Curtin
(aka “The Wall Street Coach”)

“I’m different from any other trading coach because I combine years of “in the trenches” Wall Street grit with the highly specific area of Trader Emotional Intelligence.” 
Kim Ann Curtin
This combination of training gives traders the edge and discipline for long-haul successful trading.
Kim Ann Curtin - The Wall Street Coach
A little more about Kim:
  • She spent 10 years on Wall Street before becoming a coach for the most trail blazing traders in the world.
  • ​She hosts and produces The Wall Street Coach Podcast where she interviews the world's most successful traders and finance pioneers.
  • ​Over the past 14 years she has coached top traders and executives from Anchorage Capital, Bank of America, BlackRock, Blackstone, Credit Suisse, EisnerAmper, FINRA, Fortress, GIC, King Street Capital, Morgan Stanley, Social Leverage, StocksToTrade, and TrueTrader to name a few.
  • ​She is certified by the International Coach Federation and The Coaches Training Institute.
  • ​She has been profiled in CNN.Money, Fortune Magazine, Smart Money, (plus much more).
Her masterpiece mindset course Trading EQ is considered fundamental learning for traders at all levels. If you have been trading for less than a year, this course will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have been trading a while but find yourself stuck in a rut, use this course to elevate your trading and ensure you never get stuck ever again.

This groundbreaking course will show you: 

  • Why you’re up against yourself (not the market) and how to move beyond your emotions and into consistently profitable trading.
  • ​The “biological stimuli” that makes you buy high and sell low and the secret hack that will instantly override that nasty habit.
  • ​How to tap into your natural Ultradian Trading Rhythm so you can revolutionize your daily trading results.
  • ​How to avoid the deadly mindset traps of Drastic Overconfidence and Complete Catastrophizing so you can step off the boom and bust rollercoaster.
  • ​How to pre-trigger a worst case scenario for yourself every day (yes, really) and why it will take the fear out of losing.


“Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future”

One review said, “This extraordinary book is a Rosetta Stone for those in finance & anyone who wishes to transform their relationship with money.”

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“Trading EQ was able to take me out of the craziness of trading, assess myself & my trading from a deeper perspective and it provided all of the tools I needed to refine the biggest edge I have.. Me! Trading is 80% emotional control, 20% skill. Kim teaches you step by step how to maximize your 80% to become the most well equipped trader in the market." -Tyler Jordan