Discover the rituals that successful traders practice before they trade and…

… the secret behind structural trading so you can know, with absolute certainty, where to take your trades and where to put your risk.

No more gut feelings and second-guessing. Download our three Trading Confession tools today and open each day with precision.

Trader Tool #1:

The Monthly Trader Check-In Score Sheet

Trader Check-In
This monthly check-in will help you identify where you are emotionally and psychologically before jumping into the market. 

Using a simple, but overlooked question scoring system, you can quickly evaluate your emotional EQ so you know if you are ready to trade from a place of neutrality.

This 60-second check-in will provide you a cold hard truth about your emotional state before you sacrifice your trading account. Don’t trade without it.

Trader Tool #2:

Daily Pre-Market Checklist

Daily Pre-Market Checklist
This Premarket Checklist will allow you to evaluate your emotional and psychological state every day before you put your risk on.

In less than 90 seconds, this tool will give you a way to quantify some of the most intangible aspects of your trading and allow you to recognize whether you’re mentally prepared for the day ahead.

Are you ready to address the market from a place of calm and cool neutrality? Or are you going to be emotionally triggered by every tick that goes for or against you?
This checklist will set you up for success every day.

Trader Tool #3:

Market Profile Training from JJ The Market Maker

Market Profile System
Learn how to read and decipher critical levels in the market quickly and easily using JJ’s (VWapTrader1) simple Market Profile System. This sixty minute, step-by-step training, will take the guesswork out of your trading and replace it with a structurally precise trading strategy. 

You will learn how the pros know where to take their traders, where to put their risk, and how to analyze the market so you don’t go in blind. 

Knowing where you can benefit *before* making your trade will take the feelings of uncertainty and the guesswork out of the equation.

These three invaluable tools will change the way you trade forever. No more trading from fear, pain, or retaliation – just simple structure and calm control from now on.

Download Your Three Trader Tools Here.

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